National Promotion Reports

A Coldfusion/MSSQL based report generator that we have a running contract with. We started working with them to fix some of the problems they were having with their account creation and report generation code after the original programmer left. Since then we have taken over as the primary development team and general IT support.  Work includes generating regular reports, processing data, implementing new features and servicing the tech needs of the company.

Kresge Arts in Detroit

A Wordpress based site. We do support work for their highly customized site including fixing bugs that come up and helping update the site twice a year when they start and end their fellowship award cycle. We have also worked with them through one redesign and we are starting to discuss a second.

Climate Action Network Europe

A Joomla based site running CiviCRM. This is a site that we  do regular support work on. This includes keeping the site up to date as well as fixing bugs and adding new features as needed.

The Arc of Snohomish County

A Joomla site running with CiviCRM.  We provide hosting as well as ongoing support for the site.  The current site design is one that we built and implemented.  We have added several features over the years as well as kept the site up to date and running smoothly.

Bridgeport Regional Business Council

A Joomla site.  We were originally brought on to do some work on the site's purchased template which wasn't behaving correctly.  We later took on full time hosting and support for the site when the original agency could no longer support the site on a regular basis.  We troubleshoot issues as they arise as well as keep the site up to date and enhance as needed