A Joomla based site.  We were brought on to do some basic projects but have since taken over the full support and development of the site.  The event management is currently run by a third party vendor but the rest of the site is built and maintained by us.  This includes new content, new features and keeping everything up to date.  The design itself is a template we built.

Forbidden Apple

A Wordpress site.  We were brought in to help get the products imported from the distributor including images.  We also installed and implemented the purchased template as well as made customizations to the features that didn't work exactly the way they wanted.  For instance, originally the images on the products in the recent additions section would change on mouseover, but they wanted the images to remain static.  We also added in an improved age verification message.

H.S. Grace & Company

A Joomla based site.  We were originally hired to upgrade the site from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.x.  Afterwards we were brought on to host the site as well as support work.  We keep the site current as well as address issues as they come up and do enhancements when requested.

Internet Archive

A Drupal based site running CiviCRM.  We are contracted to provide support and work around the CiviCRM install that is used to keep track of their large number of contacts and donors.  We have taken on existing aspects of their site as well as begin developing new systems around their activities.

Chamber of Commerce of Newtown

A Wordpress based site.  We designed and built a brand new site to replace the old aging one.  A new event calendar and member directory were added and the data from the old one was imported.