National School Security Information Sharing System

A Drupal based site implementing CiviCRM and custom PHP programming.  This site was designed and built by us to support the sharing of information between law enforcement and schools across the country.  It has a members only section where the information is actually posted for sharing and commenting.  The membership signup and tracking is controlled through CiviCRM.  We are continuing to build out new functionality in coming months.

Our Lady of Pompeii NYC

This is a Drupal site implementing CiviCRM.  We host and maintain this site purely for internal administrative use by the church.  They use it to track their contacts, donations and activities.  

Recreational Aviation Foundation

A Drupal based site implementing CiviCRM.  We currently maintain and offer support on this site as well as some server administration (despite not hosting the site itself).  We also built out a custom donation/membership module for Drupal that collects the information and payment from the users and logs it within CiviCRM.