Design and Development

In this day and age, a site is crucial to reaching your audience.  When someone wants to know more about your company or organization one of the first things that they do is do an online search.  This also makes your site a person's first impression of you and your business, so it is critical that the site accurately reflects you.  We offer design and development services tailored to your needs to allow you to get that impression across to your potential clients.  


We not only utilize several open source packages, including the three biggest CMS packages, but we also do full custom development.  And unlike many development studios, we don't push a favorite or our own custom option that we can charge a large sum for.  We will sit down with you and help decide on the best option for your needs and skill level.  Our goal is to create a site that presents you accurately and leave you with the ability to maintain it on your own if you wish to.  


We can also help you redevelop and existing site if you feel it is time for a face lift.  The general life expectancy for a site layout is 2-3 years, after that time it begins to look it's age.  A site refresh can help revitalize your presence on the web and let your regular visitors know that you are active and committed to them.


Contact us today to begin the discussion and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for development and design work.