My name is Dan Cruson and I have been doing web site development work for over 15 years. My portfolio demonstrates the sites I have built in that time and you can see the range of experience I have with both customizing different open source packages and building my own systems. For example, my ecommerce site runs with a heavily customized version of Zen Cart.


I have also worked professionally for the past 7 years for a few different companies.  I began with CWC Software as a programmer on their QuickFill Internet Extensions. I was responsible for customizing the QFIE pages to fit the needs of the publishers and making them match the existing layout of their sites. I have had a lot of experience with their system and how to utilize QFIE's features to serve many purposes, including (but not limited to) authentication of users and controlling access to content.  I have since moved to a couple of different companies and have worked extensively in PHP/MySQL, including utilizing and customizing Drupal, Joomla and CiviCRM.  I have also run a couple of online businesses including the Goblin's Cavern which is an online comic and gaming store.